We are excited to announce our 2nd Annual PHP Cape Town Conference, 3 Days at The Cape Town Stadium over looking the Atlantic Ocean. 2nd - 4th October 2014


PHP is the fastest growing technology within the website and enterprise application development industry. Serving more than 82% of the Internet’s web sites (as per W3Tech), PHP is a rising star.

PHP South Africa is aimed at proficient developers, new developers and people who care about developers. Our events are all about working together to inspire each other to greater heights in our skill and passion for coding.

Our community exists of an exciting mix of developers, ranging from junior developers, to the very best in the industry. This year we will be having a special PHP Youth Conference to encourage our next generation of developers.
With over 140 students attending a 2 day event from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, this is our stepping stone to passing on our craft.

Speakers - More to be added

Stephan Steynfaardt
"Stephan is the Technical Director at Liquorice, one of the country's leading digital marketing agencies, where he spends most of his time either fixing things or trying to break things. In an industry where every second counts, workflow is crucial especially when working in a team environment. When he’s not busy reading up on the latest tech, or trying to optimise some code, you’ll find him quietly preparing for the zombie apocalypse!"
Rudolf Vavruch
"Rudolf is co-founder and CTO of Ekaya.co, where he helps make renting better. In over a decade of building on the web he has developed a love for learning new technologies and love/hate relationship with bash scripting. He also geeks out about whisky and occasionally writes."
Zander Janse Van Rensburg
"Web Developer specialising in PHP. Lover of all things web, craver of technology, and PHP Joburg Meetup lead. Majority of experience received from working as team and technical lead on one of South Africa’s highest traffic websites."
David Berliner
"David Studied Electrical Engineering at CPUT and has 9 Years of software development experience. He currently works for BetTech Gaming and amongst other things is responsible for setting up their continuous integration and testing environment."
Christopher Pitt
"Chris is a PHP writer and developer, from Cape Town, South Africa. He's married, has two kids, builds robots and runs rebuildinglaravel.com."
Jeffrey Pearce
"Most know me online as Jeffikus. I’m a senior developer at WooThemes where I focus on PHP and JQuery. I work mostly on WordPress plugins such as Sensei, while also dabbling in applications written in NodeJS. Education is my passion!"
Hiren Patel
"I am currently a freelance in the devops space. I was a long time linux sysadmin for 10 odd years, but currently spend most of my time working on web apps hosted on App Engine, done in python. I live in Cape Town, I enjoy hiking, the scenery and the beautiful coastlines here. In the tech space, I am a fan of the cloud, the web, android, the variety of things technology is slowing taking over, including wearables, and the open source community."
Grant McMullin
"Grant is a Graphic designer, turned Web designer, turned self taught Developer with lots of love for PHP and building APIs but also lots of love for front-end development. Co-organiser of the Joburg PHP meetup group. When he's not pushing pixels or playing with code, he's either brewing beer or fly fishing. If you cannot find him doing any of the above, he's probably talking about any of the above."
Simon Stewart
"Simon has founded and run tech companies and lead development teams for almost 15 years. He's the founder of Broken Keyboards Software, which focuses on technology consulting and thought leadership. He is also the organiser of the JSinSA conferences. FindFreeWiFi.co.za is one of his many pet projects."
Stephen Frank
"Stephen is a senior developer at Flow Communications and has run the gauntlet of web development using PHP for 5+ years. When not knee-deep in refactoring a wayward project he can be found tinkering with some new idea, practicing illustration or cooking Durban-style curries."
Wim Godden
"Wim Godden has been working with open source technologies since 1997 and has been involved in open source projects such as OpenX and PHPCompatibility. Next to web development, he's worked with a wide range of technologies (from database clusters to Internet backbone design) and focuses a lot of his time on high-scalability projects and on coaching/training PHP engineers"
Tim Haak
"Developer at Afrihost playing across the dev stack. Trying to simplify the development and deployment of applications. Married with two cats. Currently playing with PHP, node, angular and docker."
Alexander M Turek
"As a freelance software consultant, Alexander M. Turek enables software development teams to build maintainable web applications. With more than 15 years of experience, he understands the problems of legacy software as well as the advantages of modern frameworks and technologies."

Cape Town Stadium

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